Inspiration, Intention, Action Newsletter Archive - 3/30/23


Be an Active Participant in Your Life - ADHD means that life requires constant effort and active management. You cannot simply let life go on auto-pilot and expect things to go the way you want. You need to actively plan, manage, and control every aspect of your daily life. This means putting systems in place to manage your routines, planning when to do even basic things like showering, or brushing your teeth. CONSTANTLY redirecting your focus and attention to the present moment and finding a way to visualize time effectively.


Today I Intend to Be a Good Listener - Being a good listener is an essential part of staying present and mindful, it's not just about hearing what someone has to say, but also understanding what they are saying and responding in a way that shows you care. When we stay present and listen to understand, we can learn from each other, build meaningful relationships, and create positive change in our lives. Daily intentions play an important role in helping us stay mindful and focused, by setting aside time each day to practice active listening with intention, we can cultivate deeper connections with ourselves and those around us. 


Pause, Reflect, Act! - It's so easy for us to get side-tracked when working on something that requires our attention, but it's not as easy to get back on task when your mind has drifted. The next time you realize this is happening, use this trick to break the cycle and get yourself back on track.
  • Pause - Press pause on that train of thought. Take a deep breath, hold it in for 3 seconds, then release.
  • Reflect - Ask yourself "What am I meant to be doing right now? You can do this silently or out loud if it helps.
  • Act - The answer will come to you if it hasn't already! Now that you remember what you're meant to be doing, use an action word such as "GO!", "START!", or for my Star Trek fans out there, "ENGAGE" to kickstart your brain into working on the proper task.
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