Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 3/11

Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 3/11

I hope this message finds you buzzing with energy and ready to soak up a little inspiration. Me on the other hand, my Monday is dragging, no doubt a sign that I'm getting older and moving slower after a weekend of painting my bathroom! This week, I want to touch on a topic we'll be exploring in depth in our upcoming podcast: what it means to live a life that truly resonates with you.

Now, you might think, "Here we go, another spiel about chasing dreams." But stick with me, because I want to approach this from an angle that speaks directly to our ADHD brains. We're not just talking about daydreaming here; we're talking about the nitty-gritty of sculpting a life that fits us like a glove, imperfections and all.

Let's face it, the standard 9-5 grind, the cookie-cutter life plan, it's not for everyone, especially not for those of us whose minds move differently like ours tend to do. And that's not just okay; it's fantastic. Why? Because it means we have the unique opportunity to craft our paths, ones that bypass the monotony of "normal" and come out looking brilliant and feeling vibrant on the other side.

Consider this: happiness and fulfillment aren't one-size-fits-all. They don't necessarily come packaged as wealth, fame, or the next promotion. They're about waking up and knowing you're going to spend your day doing something that lights you up inside, something that makes you tick, even if that looks completely different from what makes someone else tick.

So, how do we get there? Well, since there's so many options, it starts with figuring out what's important to you, what you want your life to look like, and taking small steps towards it. Sometimes it's very different than what life looks like now, and requires radical change, but big changes are always made up of many small changes.

"What about my responsibilities?" you might ask. "How can I possibly shift gears now?" Well, what if, instead of saying "I can't," we start asking, "How can I?" It's about opening yourself up to the possibilities, to the idea that staying stuck is no way to live.

Remember, if there's a disconnect between the life you're living and the life you yearn for, it's within your power to bridge that gap. It might require some short-term sacrifices for long-term fulfillment, but ask yourself, "Isn't it worth it?"

As we gear up for the launch of our brand new podcast, "F*ck The Plan," we'll dive even deeper into these discussions, sharing stories, ideas, and strategies to help you navigate this journey. But for now, I want you to start thinking about, "What really matters to me? If I could design my perfect day or life, what would it look like?"

It's not about focusing on the barriers that stand in your way but envisioning the path you'd carve if you could and working backwards from there. And trust me, you can get there.

Stay tuned for the podcast launch for more on this topic, and in the meantime, let's start dreaming big and acting bigger.

Thanks as always for reading,
Aaron Frank
Founder, The ADHD Project

P.S. Click here for details about the podcast launch!

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