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The ADHD Project 

The ADHD Project is designed for incarcerated individuals and starts with ADHD Education -Neuroscience, Brain Science, Education that introduces the relationship of brain function and behavior.   To encourage success,  separate ADHD Education  is available for approved staff interested in the Brain Science behind the behavior.  Program Development  is site specific and focuses on  regulatory compliance.    



It isn't unusual for people without ADHD to occasionally experience some symptoms of ADHD.  It is only a problem when your usual bag of tricks stops working for you and  everyday life interferes with your function.  Using a strengths based approach based on the Principals of Positive Psychology and Co-Active Coaching, I work healthy individuals who need a fresh pair of eyes.

Beth Battinelli, PhD

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter 


Artist, Writer, Advocate, Educator 


I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University 


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