Professionals and Educators Discount

As a dedicated ADHD professional, clinician, or educator, you're committed to providing the best resources for your clients and students. The ADHD Project Planner is designed to empower individuals with ADHD to take control of their daily lives by offering practical strategies for goal-setting, time management, habit tracking, and organization.

We’re offering you an exclusive discount to help your clients lead more fulfilling lives:

20% Off Any Order: Perfect for recommending individual planners or other resources directly to your clients.

30% Off + FREE SHIPPING on Orders of $150 or More: Ideal for stocking up on planners and ADHD tools to keep on hand or offer directly to clients.

With these exclusive discounts, you can ensure your clients have access to tools that foster better organization, clearer priorities, and the ability to track progress in a way that's personalized to their unique needs.

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