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Jenny Lawson, also known as "The Bloggess," is an American writer and blogger who has written several bestselling books, including "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" and "Furiously Happy." She has spoken openly about her struggles with ADHD and depression, and how she has used humor as a coping mechanism. In an interview with The Guardian, she said: "I think sometimes the best way to deal with heavy stuff is to make fun of it. If you can laugh at something, it can't hurt you as much." Check out her blog here or read her article with the Guardian here!


Today I intend to press on despite any self-doubt: Self-doubt can be a powerful force that holds us back from achieving our goals and dreams. It can make us feel like we are not good enough or that we will never succeed. But it doesn't have to define us. We can press onwards despite the self-doubt by setting daily intentions and learning more about ourselves.

We must remember that society often teaches us doubts that we must unlearn in order to move forward in our lives. We need to find inspiration and motivation from within ourselves, rather than relying on external sources for validation. By taking the time to learn about who we are and what makes us unique, we can begin to move past our self-doubt and press onwards towards success.


Use your creativity to your advantage: Many people with ADHD are highly creative and have a unique way of looking at the world. Instead of trying to fit yourself into someone else's mold, embrace your creativity and use it to your advantage. Whether it's writing, drawing, music, or something else entirely, find a way to express yourself and tap into your natural talents. Here's a few ways you can practice this:

  1. Explore creative outlets: Discover activities that resonate with your creative spirit. Whether it's writing poetry, playing an instrument, or experimenting with photography, find outlets that allow you to channel your energy and express yourself authentically. These creative pursuits can be outlets for self-discovery and sources of joy.

  2. Leverage your unique perspective: Your ADHD gives you a different lens through which you view the world. Embrace this perspective as a gift. Emphasize your ability to spot connections, think dynamically, and bring fresh ideas to the table. By harnessing your unique viewpoint, you can make valuable contributions and stand out in various domains of life.

  3. Harness your imagination: Allow your imagination to roam free. Use it to envision new possibilities, explore untrodden paths, and fuel your passions. Embracing your imaginative nature can open doors to endless opportunities and help you discover your true potential.

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