Inspiration, Intention, Action Newsletter Archive - 3/23/23


Stimulants Work, But Not Without Drawbacks - Stimulant meds can be a powerful tool for those of us who take them, but if you do then you know that they come with side-effects. Rather than give up the stimulants, I looked for ways I could limit the side-effects instead. I went through trial and error with a number of supplements, but finally found some that work for me! Check out this video I made explaining how Stasis supplements helped me, and if you decide to try them you can use code ADHDProject to get 10% off!


Today I Intend to Define my Intent - "You've seen them: memes that float around social media, shared by your friends and family, that supposedly give you tips on how to improve your life. "Don't sit on the couch and wait for it," they might say. Or "Do things that challenge you" or "Be brave" or "Make a change." I don't disagree with them and you probably don't either. The trouble is that they're very general statements, and we absorb them in a very general way. We read them, think "Yes, I SHOULD make a change," continue our scroll and forget about it. In order to make these memes have actual impact on our lives, we need to tailor them to our own personal circumstances." Read the full article by Brett Thornhill here!


So Many Things, So MUCH Time! - We often feel like we don't have enough time to do all of the things we want to, but the reality is we don't always need more time. What we really need is more focused action, so we can make good use of the time we already have. Don’t wait to find long blocks of uninterrupted time to tackle organizational chores. In one minute, you can sort mail, remove lint from the dryer, or water the plants. In five minutes, you can empty the dishwasher or write an e-mail. While you wait for your laundry to dry, you can mate socks and gather clothes for dry cleaning. This week I challenge you to fill in your wasted minutes. Don't try and fit a 10 minute task into 2, but if you have 2 minutes then do something with it! (Tip: When you use The ADHD Project Planner to schedule out your time blocks, you'll start noticing these "gaps" in between scheduled tasks. See if you can fit something in between them!)
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