Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 1/16

Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 1/16

It's a familiar dance – the arrival of January, adorned with resolutions that sparkle with good intentions. Yet, as the weeks unfold, the enthusiasm often dwindles, leaving us stranded in a cycle of unrealized goals. It begs the question: are we truly intending to follow through, or are we merely going through the motions of tradition?

Unlike resolutions that may have been created by external expectations, intentions come from our authentic desires. It's about aligning our actions with our inner compass, taking actions that resonate with our true internal motivations. The real power of intentions lies in their timeless nature.

It seems remarkably counterproductive to confine our aspirations to the arbitrary boundaries of January 1st. Instead of getting temporarily wrapped up in 'New Year, New Me.' ask yourself: Do I genuinely intend to bring this change into my life?

Mastering your intentions is not just an option; it's a clear path forward towards what really matters in life. Intentions provide a stable foundation, allowing us to navigate the twists and turns with purpose. They give us the flexibility to adapt and adjust our course while staying true to the essence of our goals.

So, how can we bring these intentions to life? Start by questioning the depth of your intent. Are you committed to the journey, or are you just giving in to external pressure? Embrace authenticity and let your intentions become the driving force behind your actions. 

Challenge the idea that resolutions are the only path to change. Instead, embrace the power of your intentions at any moment, they're not limited by the constraints of time.

Intentions are the seeds that, when planted with sincerity, blossom into profound transformations. So, as you navigate your ADHD journey, remember: it's not about when you decide to change; it's about the depth of your intent. Embrace them, and let your intentions shape a journey that is uniquely yours.

Thanks as always for reading,
Aaron Frank
Founder, The ADHD Project

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