Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 3/18

Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 3/18

When I think about Intention, this affirmation often comes to mind: "My hard work will pay off. I may not know when, but I am willing to keep trying until it does." It's a reminder that even the boring, day-to-day work pays off, especially when we're consistent about our effort.

Living with ADHD, the hurdles we have to jump seem higher, the distractions we face are more enticing, and our goals often feel just out of reach. It's easy to get lost in the immediacy of our struggles, forgetting that the result of all these small steps we take is building a life that's truly meaningful to us.

The point of intention is to ensure the significance of these small steps. It's about understanding that the deliberate actions we take today are the building blocks of our future. Yes, life is tough, and yes, ADHD can make it seem tougher. But here's the thing: our ADHD also equips us with a unique set of strengths—creativity, resilience, the ability to think outside the box.

By setting clear intentions and reminding ourselves of the purpose behind our actions, we can harness these strengths. It's not just about working hard; it's about working smart and with purpose which is something we're great at. When we set and align our intentions, each task, no matter how minor it seems, becomes an opportunity to move closer to our goals. Rather than wasting time or getting bored to death with monotony, we have the chance to shape the big moments and accomplishments that define our lives.

So, how do we stay on track with our intentions? First, by acknowledging that the path won't always be smooth. There will be setbacks, and there will be days when our goals seem unattainable. But remember, it's not about the speed of reaching our destination; it's about the persistence and the intention behind each step. Everyone has their own timeline!

Second, by celebrating the small victories. When it's far too easy to overlook our progress, recognizing and honoring the little wins can be incredibly motivating. It reminds us that we are moving forward, even if it's just one small step at a time.

And finally, by staying flexible. Our intentions might evolve as we grow, and that's okay. What matters is that we remain committed to our journey, adapting our strategies and actions to align with our true selves and our ultimate goals.

When you are intentional about your choices, your actions, then the hard work will pay off. Not because we're tirelessly pushing through, but because we're moving forward with deliberate, purposeful, focused actions. 

Life is not just about enduring the struggle; it's about thriving in spite of it. Using the challenges to your advantage. Finding a silver lining that gives you the "win" in a situation that otherwise seemed bleak. With intention, we can shape a life that not only accommodates our ADHD but celebrates it as a part of our unique journey to success.

Here's to setting intentions and making them real, one step at a time.

Thanks as always for reading,
Aaron Frank
Founder, The ADHD Project

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