Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 4/15

Inspiration, Intention, Action - The ADHD Project Newsletter 4/15

Action is about moving forward continuously, despite the challenges or setbacks. That's when it gets hard, but the difficulty is not with the action itself, it's with managing the emotions surrounding the action. It's easy to get caught up in the fear of potential outcomes, which can freeze us in our tracks.

How many times have we hesitated because we're scared of failure? Or worried about the repercussions of a choice? It's a common theme I hear often, especially in our ADHD community, where decision-making can feel impossibly difficult. People ask me all the time, "what if this ADHD Project thing doesn‘t work out?" and my answer is always the same: "then I‘ll do something else." If that doesn't work out, then I'll do something else, and something else, and so on, and so forth.

That's how it works, for everyone, ever. I've accepted that. That's how it's worked for you so far in your life if you think about it, right? Even if it takes you a long time, you eventually make your way to something else. Life is a series of actions and reactions; it’s about adaptability. This perspective might seem overly simplistic, but it’s grounded in a resilience that is so important for navigating life, especially with ADHD. Every step you've taken in your life has led you to this moment, not just the successful leaps, but also the stumbles. It’s all part of your unique path.

So then the main thing to focus on is not so much what these things are, but how you move through them, and how you make some kind of happiness for yourself in that process. To move forward with purpose, and enjoy the process of doing so is what we should be aiming for. If you can‘t find happiness on the journey, you won‘t find it in any destination.

This week, I encourage you to take action, any action. Don’t worry about how big or small it is. Instead, focus on the movement, the decision to step forward, and most importantly, the ability to find joy in that progression. Each step is a learning experience, an opportunity to grow.

It's not about flawless execution or perfect outcomes. It's about continuous movement, learning from each experience, and finding a sense of fulfillment in the journey itself. As you move through your week, ask yourself: Are you enjoying the process? If not, what small changes can you make to bring joy into your daily actions?

Remember, action is about more than just motion—it’s about purpose, engagement, and carving out your little piece of happiness in this crazy world.

Thanks as always for reading,

Aaron Frank
Founder, The ADHD Project

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