Inspiration, Intention, Action Archive - 3/16


March is Women's History Month - The historical lack of research on and consideration of females with ADHD has contributed to the large number of girls and women who silently struggle. Focusing on ADHD during Women’s History Month presents an opportunity to raise awareness of how ADHD uniquely affects girls and women. It reminds us of the work that still needs to be done to make sure every person who needs help and support receives it. Check out the full article here!


How to Set Intentions to Crush Procrastination - How can you break the procrastination habit? Try setting intentions by using statements like “If/when I have finished X, then I will do Y.” Learn how to craft effective statements, create structure, and mitigate the emotional overwhelm of procrastination. Check out the full article here, and learn more about daily intentions through our 31 Daily Intentions book!


Take time to feed your brain, by reading! - Many of us enjoyed reading so much as children or young adults, but the realities of daily life often get in the way. What's more is that we often already know how much reading can provide us with the stimulation our brains crave due to our low dopamine levels. Today I challenge you to read for just 5 minutes. Here's a tip on remembering to make time: if there's one thing I've learned about ADHD, it's that the old saying "out of sight, out of mind" is 100% true for us. Take out the book you want to read and set it somewhere you can't avoid it, like the chair you always sit on or in front of your coffeemaker. It may seem small or silly at first, but it will help you remember! If you use eBooks or audio books, set a reminder with a notification on your phone! If you don't have a book you're planning on reading, might I suggest to check out our recommended reading list for suggestions?

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